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By Christina Collins

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The best leave in probe thermometer.

Pork Rib Roast with Thermoworks Dot Meat Thermometer
The Dot ensures I cook my favorite Pork Rib Roast recipe to perfection!

When I started cooking as a hobby, I didn’t fully appreciate the value of a good thermometer, especially a leave in version, which means you leave the probe in while your food cooks. I cooked mostly by time tables, look and feel, but that never worked out perfectly. As I grew as a cook, I recognized the stress involved with achieving perfectly cooked meats. Hobbies aren’t supposed to be stressful! The DOT changed everything. It gave me the ability to produce perfectly cooked foods and my skills and passion for cooking shot up to the next level.

Understanding the DOT’s value

Let’s stop for a minute and do some basic calculations. I want you to think about your favorite roast recipe to use as your benchmark and then consider the average amount of time you spend sourcing, purchasing and prepping that cut of meat. Do you have that time frame in your mind? Now calculate the average amount of money spent on this meat, along with all the necessary seasonings. Now ask yourself, is their value in protecting the money and the time you have just invested in this meal? What is it worth to you to perfect this dish? I am going to assume that if you are reading this, we both already know the answer. You would have to be crazy to choose the “fingers crossed” method to ensure a perfectly cooked medium rare filet of beef or a throughly cooked turkey.

Theroworks DOT vs the others

My now addiction to Thermoworks thermometers started with the DOT. (And a cut of beef tenderloin!)

I had tried over versions of in-oven thermometers over the years and frankly, they don’t even compare. I had purchased a less expensive version from Amazon, that despite its great reviews, was made of cheap plastic, smelled toxic and was complicated to use. I used it maybe twice and it found its way to the back of a drawer somewhere.

I have used my own range’s built in thermometer many times (which comes fairly standard these days, yet no one seems to know about it). The problem with the built-in range thermometer was that is was highly inaccurate, hard to test accuracy, and the probe was very thick in comparison to Thermoworks slender probes.

Determined to find a way to cook meats to perfection, I did extensive research on kitchen thermometers. I learned that Thermoworks was, by far, the leader in the industry, was recommended by chefs I follow like Alton Brown and Ina Garten, and America’s test kitchen, which I subscribe to and trust. So I decided to invest in my first Thermoworks purchase. My biggest regret was waiting so long to make this purchase, because it wasn’t long before I realized it only took one meal for me to realize it was of the best kitchen investments I had ever made.

Thermoworks also sets themselves apart from their competitors not just because of their superior products, but also because of their exceptional resources available to users. They provide easy to follow instructions, online support, instructional videos, temperature suggestions, recipes, and so much more. It’s rare to find a company with so much dedication to ensuring a good product experience to their users.

I don’t just have one, I have three.”

I started off with one. After using it just once, I ordered two more. Having multiples was important to me because cuts of steak are often different thicknesses, and I often cook for folks who prefer a medium-well beef to my preferred medium-rare. I am a bit of a perfectionist in the kitchen, so having multiples allows me more control.

Gifts for foodies

Within one month of my first DOT, I ordered three more as gifts, because I couldn’t imagine each of my family members not having one.

While my sister and cousin trusted me and jumped right on the bandwagon, my mom was the most reluctant to embrace her gifted DOT. She is a bit more “old school” and frankly, less in need of a thermometer because, well, she cooks everything until it dry as a bone before declaring it done. (Sorry, Mom!) But, eventually, she took the plunge. And I am thrilled to report that mom is now one of the DOT’s biggest fans and uses it all the time!

The DOT has quite literally, improved my cooking life. Because of the DOT, I know that when I invest in a cut of rib eye, a roast chicken, a pork rib roast, or a cut of beef tenderloin, it’s going to be cooked to perfection. The DOT tells me the exact internal temperature throughout the cooking process, and alerts me when my target temp is reached.

Become a better cook.

How it works

The DOT is a simple to use in-oven thermometer. This means that you insert the probe into the center of the meat prior to putting it in the oven. You then set a target temperature using easy to use up and down buttons. Once set, the roast or steak goes in the oven. The DOT’s digital display indicates the current internal temperature throughout the cooking process, which allows you to estimate time left until the meat is done, which means you can time your side dishes and the rest of your meal perfectly! Once the target temperature is reached, the DOT will sound an alarm alerting you that your meat is done.

Pork Rib Roast with Thermoworks Dot Meat Thermometer
I cook pork roasts until 140° F and let it rest for at least 20 minutes, which brings the temperature up considerably, while also ensuring a juicy roast.

Cooking Tips

  • Always, always, always give your meat plenty of time to rest. Everyone underestimates the impact rest time has on the juiciness and tenderness of any meat. It will keep cooking for much longer than you think! Turkeys need at least 30 minutes of rest time.
  • Get to know your preferred temperatures. I like medium-rare beef so I set my DOT to 126°F degrees F. After rest time, it reaches about 130-132°F. I like bone in pork roast cooked medium to medium-well, so I set my DOT to 140°F and let it rest, which then reaches about 150+° F, depending on the cut.
  • Take time to check your thermometer’s accuracy using a properly made Ice Bath. (Instructions and resources come with all Thermoworks products. Their customer service and resources set Thermoworks apart from the rest.)
  • Change your batteries.

Other Thermometers I have and LOVE! (Yes, they all serve a purpose and I use them all- all the time!)

The Classic Thermapen

The Classic Thermapen takes readings in less than three seconds, is accurate to less than a degree, and is designed to last for a long time not come. It turns on by opening the probe, so there are no one and off buttons to worry about. It folds up for easy storage.

The ThermoPop

The Thermopop is a great tool for novice chefs who are just getting started with working with Thermometers, as well as the professional cook who simply wants a quick, reliable temperature reading. No bells and whistles, just the real deal.

The DOT Leave in Probe Thermometer

The DOT is designed to track temperatures over an extended period of time with moderate-heat cooking methods such as smoking, oven-roasting, deep-frying, homebrewing, and Sous Vide and to be used while grilling up to about 500°F. A simple tool that delivers perfectly cooked roasts and more. With two buttons to learn to use, this tool is about simplicity and results.

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