Toma Artisanal Bloody Mary Mix

Toma is quickly becoming the Bloody Mary mix of choice for restaurants in the Westchester region and that is no surprise.

Charleston Bloody Mary Mixes

“The Perfect Southern Bloody” Local Taste was sent 2 different flavors of Charleston Mix , Fresh & Veggie and Bold & Spicy, both of which are locally brewed and bottled in South Carolina. We first tried the Fresh & Veggie Mix, which we were all thrown off by! We knew there would be veggies, but […]

Murph’s Bloody Mary Mix

Murph says it only takes ‘One Sip!’ Read on to see what we think about that!

Backyard Mary

Backyard Mary identified a problem and bottled a solution in their very own backyard.

Ubons Hot & Spicy

It’s pronounced “You-Bahns.” Ubons Sauce is a 5th generation family recipe that has been perfected over the years. While gaining notoriety in the BBQ competition circuit, folks started using Ubons with anything they could, including Bloody Marys! And so, Ubons Pitmaster’s Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix was born. The Local Taste team of tasters […]

Durty Gurl

Sass, Spice & Everything Nice! We recently kicked back with some Durty Gurl Bloody Mary Spicy Mix. This beauty hails from Augusta, Georgia. Local Tasters agreed that the mix has a great nose, full of tomato and basic Bloody seasoning. Upon first sips, the mix matched the aroma producing a great tomato punch in the mouth! Although Durty […]

Frankie V’s Kitchen

Frankie V’s Bloody Mary mixes are really something special! Everything from the packaging to the laundry list of ingredients makes Frankie V’s a wholly different Bloody Mary experience, and we loved every minute of it… right down to the last drop. In addition to super cool packaging, Frankie V’s is organic, and both mixes are available in […]

Rachel’s Raquette Lake Elixir

e·lix·ir /əˈliksər/ noun a magical or medicinal potion. “an elixir guaranteed to induce love” synonyms: potion, concoction, brew, philter, decoction, mixture; a preparation that was supposedly able to change metals into gold, sought by alchemists. a preparation supposedly able to prolong life indefinitely. noun: elixir of life; plural noun: elixirs of life So there you […]

Hoosier Momma

Full disclosure- we have a long line of Hoosier’s in our family so right off the bat, we were in love with the Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker brand. Hoosier Momma is an all around, solid Bloody Mary mix. We Local Tasters kicked back with all three varietals- The Original Spicy and Sriracha We tend […]

Jolene’s Jar

I’m in love with Jolene. It’s true. Granted, we haven’t actually met yet. We have spoken on the phone briefly and we have exchanged some emails, but it has no impact on my adoration for Jolene. It’s not Jolene, per say that I love- but I love Jolene’s Jars! C’mon- where do I begin? The […]

All Hail the Spicy Dilly Bean!

Celery is one of the standard garnishes that always seems to disappoint me. Without question, celery is part of the classic combination of Bloody Mary garnishes, but it is often dried out or wilted and flavorless when served at most establishments. It certainly lets me down more than it doesn’t. If it were up to […]

Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning

Demitri’s is different from a traditional Bloody Mary Mix. Do you know why?