Thermoworks Classic Thermapen

By Christina Collins

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The Thermoworks Classic Super-Fast Thermapen is the leading digital thermometer on the market used by chefs everywhere!

The Classic Thermapen takes readings in less than three seconds, is accurate to less than a degree, and is designed to last for a long time to come. It turns on by opening the probe, so there are no one and off buttons to worry about, and it folds up for easy storage or travling. It’s large display makes it easy to read which reduces any reading errors.

Remove the guesswork- take your beef’s temperature!

There Classic Thermapen comes in a a wide selection of colors, originally developed to meet the needs of people in the food industry who use color coding to prevent cross contamination by dedicating tools to specific food products. However, for us home cooks, it’s just fun to choose your favorite color! (Just be sure to clean your probes after use to keep your chicken juices off your beef!)

Thermapen with guidebook

When you order a Thermoworks Classic Thermapen, you don’t just receive the food thermometer. Thermoworks also sends you a 20 page guidebook: “Using Your Thermapen: A Guide to Better Food Through the Proper Use and Care of Your Splash-Proof Thermapen”. This booklet contains everything you need to know about proper cooking temperatures, instructions for customizing and cleaning your Thermapen, diagrams and more. Its a fantastic resource!

The Thermopen on/off function works by opening and closing the probe. However, if you leave the probe open, it will auto-shut off in 10 minutes to preserve battery life. It has a temperature reading range of -58.0 to 572.0°F (-49.9 to 299.9°C) and accuracy readings within less than 1°. It also comes with a NIST-Traceable calibration certificate to ensure accuracy.

Use a Thermapen whenever you need accurate temperatures.

Knowing the internal temperature of a roast, a steak, fish, chicken and more ensures you are safely serving food as well as serving it at its optimal temperature for enjoyment. No one likes a well done steak, and if you do, you probably should just stop reading! But protein isn’t the only thing you can you the Thermapen for. Deep frying temperatures vary depending on what you are frying and getting that temp right is vital to your frying or candy making success.

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