Thermoworks ThermoPop Digital Thermometer

By Christina Collins

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The Thermoworks ThermoPop is an excellent food thermometer for any chef, including the novice chef who is just getting started with working with meat thermometers, as well as the professional cook who simply wants a quick, reliable temperature reading. No bells and whistles, just the real deal. Or I should say, the real temp!

The ThermoPop features big digits and a backlight for dark conditions. The power button is easy to use, and the durable construction (made in the USA) is built to last. The ThermoPop comes in nine fun colors to brighten up your cooking experience! It measures a temperature range from -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) and is switchable between °Celsius & °Fahrenheit.

Thermoworks ThermoPop- multiple colors

Thermoworks ThermoPop Pricing

The real advantage of the ThermoPop over the other Thermoworks products is the price point. Recently reduced to just $21.00 (Was $35.00), it simply can’t be beat. And truth be told, I own the more expensive Classic Thermapen and I love it, but I use the ThermoPop more! It’s just convenient and the wide variety of bright colors make it fun to use!

Gifts for the Cook in your Life!

As a home cook who enjoys encouraging and empowering others to learn to love cooking, I find the ThermoPop makes a great gift. It is affordable, non-intimidating and reliable.

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